Day 3. Part One

Day three got off to a roaring start when we missed the bus to our delegation lunch. Thank goodness for Uber! Interestingly enough, our Uber driver happened to be a Slovenian immigrant. Significant, because Melania Trump is Slovenian and the community of Slovenian immigrants in Cleveland is the largest outside of the country itself.  Who knew! According to our Tour Guide/ Uber driver, they also LOVE Melania Trump. … Continue reading Day 3. Part One

Civil Discourse and A Tale of Two Cities

An interesting thing happened on my flight up to Cleveland this morning. The plane was full of Republicans heading to the RNC and dozens of men and women on their way to Cincinnati for the NAACP convention. You talk about an eclectic dynamic on board! While I sat in my seat listening to some Big Daddy Weave and getting my game face on for take … Continue reading Civil Discourse and A Tale of Two Cities

Refreshing Difference

Like most Americans, Cliff and I have spent the past 24 hours glued to the t.v. watching the coverage of the tragedy in Nice, the attempted military coup in Turkey and wondering what the heck is happening in our world!  Seriously makes me want to hug my almost grown babies a little tighter and pray for our world. But, sandwiched in-between the international news coverage was … Continue reading Refreshing Difference

Coloring outside the lines…

The list is out for who will be speaking in Cleveland and it is a list like no other. There aren’t too many celebrities, unless you count former Heisman winner, Tim Tebow….but, there never are many Hollywood celebrities at Republican events. Claiming your conservatism in Hollywood gives you an automatic black spot in that business. Truth.  So, maybe not the quasi celebrity apprentice type show that some … Continue reading Coloring outside the lines…