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You always hear about the fashion at political conventions and from what I saw this week,  it can be divided into three categories. The good, the bad and the bling… The good could be a reference to the state delegation gear. The Texas delegation was… Continue Reading “Bling”

Star Struck in Cleveland

Today I met Maureen Dowd. The Maureen Dowd! Let me just preface this with I have always been a huge fan of her writing style, her keen wit and fresh perspective. She has a gift for the gab and uses words to produce such… Continue Reading “Star Struck in Cleveland”

Day 3. Part One

Day three got off to a roaring start when we missed the bus to our delegation lunch. Thank goodness for Uber! Interestingly enough, our Uber driver happened to be a Slovenian immigrant. Significant, because Melania Trump is Slovenian and the community of Slovenian immigrants in Cleveland is… Continue Reading “Day 3. Part One”

Day 2

So here is what I know. There is no rest for the weary at a Republican National Convention.   The senator headed out early to hear Governor Scott Walker speak at a breakfast. Evidently, each day is packed with speakers and special events and… Continue Reading “Day 2”

Bits and Pieces

So, here is what I know after my first day at a Republican National Convention. Comfortable shoes are a must!  Thank goodness for these Ivanka Trump shoes I rocked for over 12 hours!  All the walking and standing and walking up and down stairs… Continue Reading “Bits and Pieces”