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Lover of politics, motherhood and all things Oklahoma, I started this blog on a whim thinking it would be fun to write about my husband’s foray into politics. This was back in 2008 and the jury’s still out. BUT, if our story is to be told, it would go something like Cliff, “the small businessman” decided to enter the political world in 2002 and run for an open seat in the state senate. He was a political outsider. A small business owner who found himself frustrated with the business climate (or lack thereof) at our state capitol. Let me just say for the record that politics is a contact sport! After winning a primary, run-off and general election, our family had officially entered the fray and over the course of 12 years, would campaign, knock doors, wave signs, endure political attacks, celebrate legislative successes, and learn how the deals got done. Thanks to term limits, we are now living under the laws of which Cliff voted, and continue to have a front row seat on the sidelines watching Oklahoma politics! Hope you enjoy the view!

2002 Campaign

2006 Campaign

2010 Campaign

2014….Cliff’s Mulligan (48%)  More about that race later…

family truck-1

I wrote the following post on Cliff’s last “official” day in office… a futile attempt to capture 12 years of his legislative service! The rest of our  story, like everything else is constantly evolving, but one thing is for sure….we LOVE to talk politics around here!

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Shelli Gerlach

    I’m Shelli Gerlach, wife of Sen. Chris Gerlach of Minnesota. I found your blog while searching for other legislative spouses and clubs across the country. It’s really refreshing to see a shared perspective of life in the political fishbowl; you have such courage!

    A year ago, I began the Capitol Network of Legislative Spouses (CNLS) in order to build community, support and resources specifically for spouses of legislative office holders. I am looking to connect with others across the country to explore ways in we could bridge support and community across state lines. Is there a legislative organization or club in your state for House/Senate spouses? Would enjoy connecting with you and learn what’s going on in your state.

    I can be reached at my office (952) 432-3247, or via email, director@capitolspouses.com.

    Shelli Gerlach
    Executive Director, Capitol Network of Legislative Spouses


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