The Art of Politics

color head shot gfellerBack in 2002, when my husband (Cliff) ran for the Oklahoma State Senate, I saw first hand the very real connection between art and politics. You’d think between the drama degree from USC hanging on my wall and the brief stint I did as a research assistant on the Senate Intelligence Committee,  I would have figured all that out sooner… but, there is an art to politics and some people are much better at it than others!

This blog started out as a futile attempt to document Cliff’s time serving in the Legislature. I did manage to write an epilogue to summarize his time in public office. You can read all about it HERE.

However, I learned very quickly that much of what I wanted to share about politics, motherhood and life in the political arena, best wait until Cliff was no longer serving in political office. So, here we are. My very own rendition of political theater.