The Art of Politics

color head shot gfellerHi there and welcome to The Senator’s Wife, a little blog I started back in 2008 at the suggestion of my BFF, who thought it “could be fun” for me to write about our family’s political adventures! So, let me explain. Back in 2002, my husband Cliff, (the Senator) ran for and won an open seat in the Oklahoma State Senate. At the time,  I spent most days chasing after our two young kiddos while Cliff worked at growing a small business. Running for political office was not in our plans until Cliff grew tired of the burdensome regulatory environment impeding the success of small business in our state. Basically, he got mad and ran for office to do something about it and we were just along for the ride.

Many of the stories I wanted to share about our foray in the political arena were (and still are) worthy of some serious airtime. Yet, writing a tell all blog post about Cliff’s day to day life in the Legislature proved to be the equivalent of walking on a hot bed of rocks. Pretty much ALL of what I wanted to say was usually best left unsaid? Politics can be tricky, so I penned a sappy epilogue commemorating “the good” parts about his time in public office. You can find it HERE. I will eventually get to “the bad and ugly” part of that equation…maybe.

Honestly, much of what I wanted to communicate about the art of politics, motherhood and life in the political arena seems ever more meaningful now that Cliff has termed out of office. So, here we are. My own kinder and gentler rendition of political theater mixed with tidbits about my state and the people who call Oklahoma home.