Pleasantly Surprised!

Last night I attended the Speaker’s Ball with my Senator. This is an annual tradition that takes place at the beginning of the legislative session and is hosted by the Speaker of the House. When my Senator was first elected I actually looked forward to attending our first Speaker’s Ball, because the word Speaker was followed by the word Ball, I thought that meant a very nice party where one was expected to dress accordingly. I mean, my Senator was expected to wear a tuxedo, and doesn’t “Ball” mean ballgown? At least, a nice formal dress, right?

Not at my first Speaker’s Ball. It was a geography lesson in fashion. Yes, Mrs. Senator, people dress differently depending on what part of the state they are from. No biggie, I can get over that. In fact, it was fun to learn where people shop in Beaver, Le Flore and Roger Mills county. This was important stuff and I am always looking for the opportunity to learn something.

Let’s just say that the Legislative wives have come a long way since that first Speaker’s Ball seven years ago. The fashion on display last night was just down right lovely. There were so many beautiful people and gorgeous dresses. And, the hair! Seriously, I need to know where these women went to have their hair done. The magnitude of style that permeated the room was certainly new to this venue. Even the flower arrangements on the tables were spectacular. One would never know we are supposed to be in a recession. The proceeds from this event will benefit the Oklahoma Arts Institute and there will be proceeds. Oh yes, the numerous sponsors and underwriters combined with a silent and live auction most assuredly raked in a sizable donation.

I told you I liked the Speaker’s wife. She knows how to throw a nice party and it definitely set a good tone for the upcoming weeks ahead.

The Governor and First Lady were in attendance as were the Lt. Governor, Attorney General, a Congressman and woman along with countless other dignitaries including members of the Legislature. The President and First Lady of Oklahoma State University were also present. I snapped a photo of my Senator with the First Lady of OSU because she was wearing a black cowboy hat and because she is a super neat lady and I have known her for most of my life.

We also took a photo with some of our Senator friends.

I knew this Senator before I knew my Senator because we both worked for the same United States Senator a long time ago.

Now, let me be clear that the Speaker’s Ball is not all fun and games. There is a lot of networking going on and hand shaking and politicking ,and did I mention it is best to wash your hands because they have traveled around the world by the time you are seated for dinner?

This photo just sings ‘oh, the farmer and the cowman can be friends’!

That is the head of AT&T on the left, conversing with the top guy at Cox Communications. I’m thinking team of rivals… ebony and ivory….there are people who would pay to be a fly on that wall. One thing’s for certain, they were both with women who made them look good! In fact, here I am with the better half of Cox Communications….

Actually, she runs the Native American Cultural and Educational Authority and worked the room better than any politician. Members, take note!

After that round of photo taking opportunities, I held the camera in my hand like it was a glass of wine and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

And, if I told you I was at home and in bed by ten would you believe me? Well, maybe it was more like eleven.

Love, the Senator’s Wife

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