Yes, I belong to a club called Ohoyahoma! So did my great aunt. This club was organized in 1915 as a way for legislative wives to become better acquainted with one another. Ohoyahoma is actually a Choctaw word meaning “Band of Red Women”…which doesn’t really describe this group, but it is definitely large enough to be considered a band. In fact, yesterday at the Capitol, every county was represented with a member from Ohoyahoma.

This group of legislative wives really does not meet that often. Locally, a handful get together for a Tuesday morning Bible study, and in April there is a luncheon for Secretary’s Day which honors their legislator’s assistant. Ohoyahoma members also volunteer for a day at the Decorator’s Show House in the Capitol City and they manage to make a nice contribution to the Ronald McDonald House. So, to say this is a purely social group is not accurate, although, for me that is what makes this worthwhile. It is also a club of women who know what it is like to be married to an elected official and that is cheaper than any therapy!

Yesterday, I saw some of my favorite legislative spouses and met new ones. I so enjoyed meeting the Speaker’s wife. She is from Tulsa and just a lovely lady. She is busy planning the Speaker’s Ball which is this weekend. I took a poll on what to wear to that event, long or short? She is wearing long as are most members of Ohoyahoma. My Senator will be so thrilled that I felt inclined to ask the dress code as I have a real phobia for not being appropriately dressed at these political events. He lives in fear of the conversation that will take place in the car if I have on a short dress and see women walking in wearing long ball gowns. It is a problem. So, long it will be this weekend. Check that one off the list and consider it done!

I also spoke with the Lt. Governor. She is living part time in my Senator’s District, and she knows he is watching her back. Actually, we walk by her hacienda a lot and my Senator, who notices everything, keeps good tabs on her busy schedule! She is a great lady. ( She was also listening in on the short vs. long conversation….bet she wears long too!)

After the business meeting, we took a group photo as we have done every year and then typically, most spouses head up to the House Gallery and listen to the Governor’s State of the State address. It is just fun for me to watch my Senator doing what he does best, and that is serve.

Naturally, I brought my camera so I could take tons of photos and I held it in my hand like it was a cup of coffee!


Love, the Senator’s Wife

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