Fifteen Minutes

So, I took a visual tour of my own, dormant blog the other day and loved re-reading some of my older posts.  Not because they were some brilliant masterpiece or anything, but because it was a brief record of the past few years and some events that I had forgotten about. I have been busy … More Fifteen Minutes


I am just back from a little stint in Salt Lake City. Actually, I went out there for an American Mothers convention and I have done this ever since I was named the National Young Mother of the Year in 2006. These conventions have been in different locations, from Bismarck, North Dakota and Lincoln, Nebraska … More Utah

A Good Thing

I spent some time in San Antonio last week for a board meeting.  Let’s just say that the Alamo…. is not as big as you think it should be. It was also cold.  However, that did not stop us moms from enjoying the river walk or our time in between meetings. My eyes are closed … More A Good Thing