There is nothing quite like getting to spend time with your oldest and dearest friends. The kind of friends you have known forever, literally since birth, but don’t necessarily get to see as much as you’d like in person because you live a couple hundred miles apart….or, one of them is kinda famous. Thank goodness … More Friendsgiving

Dear Ree,

How is it that my life long BFF has a cooking show and all I can think of is how we used to starve ourselves growing up because you were a ballerina and I just wanted to be one.  Food was not high on our list of priorities and now you own it! In fact, … More Dear Ree,


I have been preoccupied lately and blogging has not made the top five list of things I feel I need to be doing. And, I’m not going to feel guilty about that……or, that is what I am telling myself anyway. But, I did have lunch with my fun friend, Ree the other day.  Actually, I … More Ree


I’d like to give a shout out to all the Pioneer Woman fans who stopped by here yesterday.  Yikes, she has a lot of friends, but then I knew that already. It’s funny that you caught us briefly tweeting about travel.  You see, PW and I have had an aversion to airplanes for quite some … More Friends

Cookies and Chaos!

Sooooo…  I had big plans to tackle Christmas this weekend and I did absolutely nothing of the sort.  It all started last week when my BFF, Pioneer Woman ( I call her Shama) and I were trading texts back and forth, back and forth about totally random stuff, when she said: PW:  What are you … More Cookies and Chaos!


My friend Ree of Pioneer Woman fame dropped her girls off for a visit last weekend.  When I say dropped off, it was more like an actual exchange in the Love’s Travel Stop parking lot on I-35.  Location was of no importance, only that these four were getting to have some quality friend time together. … More Predestined

Political Photographs

We had a serious dilemma around our house recently. No, there was not a leak in our roof, the dog was alive and well (the last time I checked) and the dish washer was in full working order…maybe. No, it was much, much more disturbing than that! September had turned into October, and October was…well, … More Political Photographs