Presidential Trivia

Thought this little trivia quiz the kids and I made up a few years ago was worth a re-post today on President’s Day…..just for fun and a little perspective.  Enjoy! 1. In American History, only four presidents have been elected while they were serving as vice president. Can you name them? The Answer: John Adams, Thomas … More Presidential Trivia


During the brief amount of time that I spent in Dallas I met some amazing people.  There were former ambassadors, cabinet members, chiefs of staff, public relation guru’s and former employees of the former President of the United States.  He was celebrating the groundbreaking of his Presidential Library with 3,000 of his closest friends and … More Advance

Urban Cowboy

So, last night we went to the dinner for all the Bush/Cheney Alumni – and there were a lot of them.  It had a casual, western theme going with a good band, barbeque and beer….. My sister-in-law ran into a ton of people she worked with in Washington D.C. so I pretended to be her … More Urban Cowboy

Dear John,

I watched your speech with anticipation last night as the Republicans picked up enough seats to claim the majority in the House of Representatives.  You will be their next leader, and I am looking forward to watching you as you set the legislative agenda for our country. Prior to last night, I was unfamiliar with … More Dear John,

Inaugural Trivia

Let’s pretend we are really smart and brush up on our inaugural knowledge. You’ll be the brightest in the room while you watch the swearing in of the 44th President of the United States. Promise. FACTOIDS: George Washington’s was the shortest inaugural address at 135 words. (1793) Thomas Jefferson was the only president to walk … More Inaugural Trivia