Kid in a Candy Store

So, this past week I spent a few days roaming around my old stomping grounds and feeling a little nostalgic. Weepy. Patriotic. And, tired. So, very tired! I never sleep well in that town because I feel like I will be missing something. I know, call me crazy. But, I love, love love our nation’s Capitol city.

I went out there for a finance meeting for a national board that I sit on, a wonderful organization, really. However, it coincided with the swearing-in of Oklahoma’s newest Congressman so I was able to hit the Hill running.

It has been a long time since I walked around Capitol Hill, most notably the House side. Like a few years ago when the Senator and I had the children there and toured them around the National Mall. I forced them to walk from the WWII Memorial up the Hill to the House side and then across the Capitol over to the Senate side. They refer to this trek as their own personal Bataan Death March and I still don’t get that. I suppose I got all caught up in the magnificent surroundings packed chalk full of history and lost myself. They didn’t think it was funny. Especially in the heat of the summer. My first clue should have been when they asked to stop and play in the sprinkler system in front of the Library of Congress. Nice, huh!

Anyway, I pulled the same stunt Tuesday afternoon. After the ceremonial swearing-in of my Congressman (and a photo-op in front of the Speaker’s Office) I thought it would be fun to hop over to the Senate side to reminisce for a moment. And, it was, albeit the new blisters on the back of my heels but that didn’t’ keep me from enjoying every moment of my walk. I waved to the Capitol Hill Police on every corner and smiled like a happy tourist after each photo I took. I love this country and its rich history. I love this town. I felt like a kid in a candy store, at home and completely satisfied.