Dear John

I’m really looking forward to hearing the SOTU address this evening.  It has always been a favorite of mine for many reasons, however, like most Americans, tonight I will be listening to the rhetoric.  It has really digressed over the last two decades reaching a level of embarrassment and certainly hindering our nation’s progress. I know some Congressional members are sitting with their friends on … Continue reading Dear John

Kid in a Candy Store

So, this past week I spent a few days roaming around my old stomping grounds and feeling a little nostalgic. Weepy. Patriotic. And, tired. So, very tired! I never sleep well in that town because I feel like I will be missing something. I know, call me crazy. But, I love, love love our nation’s Capitol city. I went out there for a finance meeting … Continue reading Kid in a Candy Store


No, I am not organizing my closets, but rather it is organizational day today at the marble palace for my Senator. I have often wondered why the legislature meets on the first Tuesday in January prior to the beginning of a new legislative session…. so I asked him. My Senator explained to me that they convene at this time to officially elect their leadership. Simple … Continue reading Organization

Dear John

I had wanted to write again after the interview you gave to Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes last Sunday.  I don’t typically watch that type of tabloid journalism, but I did this time with anticipation.  It was nice seeing your story come to life on television and looks like you have quite a supportive family who are extremely proud of you and your accomplishments.  Your … Continue reading Dear John