The Art of Politics

color head shot gfellerWhen my husband ran for the Oklahoma State Senate in 2002, I realized there is an innate connection between art and politics. I do have a drama degree from USC and had previously worked on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in Washington, so you’d think I would have figured that one out!   Yet, experiencing the personal side of the political process opened up a completely new frontier.

I started blogging on a whim in what proved to be a futile effort to paint a realistic picture of my husband’s time serving in the Legislature. I learned very quickly that much of what I wanted to share, best wait until he was no longer serving in political office. So, here we are.

I wrote an epilogue to his time serving in the State Senate. You can read all about it HERE. Moving forward, what I choose to share in this space is my own rendition of political theater. Hope you enjoy the show!