The Lion’s Den

This photo was taken from the 5th floor of our State Capitol.  It is a beautiful view from up there.  You can see right up to the top of the dome and down into the reception areas of both Chambers which are located on the 4th floor.

The Lion’s Den is also located on the 4th floor.  This is my favorite place to hang.  All the lobbyists gather there.  It is like one big party.

People get married here and make announcements on the 4th floor. It is just that beautiful. Really.

Other times, various organizations set up display tables while some cater luncheons or receptions at the Den.
I call it the Lion’s Den, because that’s what it looked like to me during the Senator’s first Legislative Session.  The lobbyists, most of whom I did not know, looked like lions.  Hungry lions on the prowl.  Mama lions protecting their cubs.  Now, the Lion’s Den is just a funny term referencing the party that takes place out there from January through May.
And that party is now…OVER!
Love, the Senator’s Wife