Bringing It Up To Speed

So much has happened since my last post…back in, uh…. February.  Not in any particular order….

1. There is a new driver in our family. I can not describe the plethora of emotions I am feeling right now. I would love to hear the thoughts of all you parents out there who have experienced this life changing event. Oh my!

2. It’s an election year and I am consumed with the local and national political dialogues taking place. I am thinking it might be time for an intervention soon…

3. Finished my first year as President of this national non-profit which culminated in a fabulous event in Washington DC. I have one more year left to serve this organization and it consumes most of my free time and more space in my brain than I have to give.  But, I am so passionate about honoring and recognizing moms that I think it is worth it!

4.  Speaking of moms…  I officially became a ‘dance mom’ recently. Don’t ask.

5.  Continue to be engaged in the Presidential election process.  See #2.

6.  Went to our favorite beach for a family vacation.  I am ready to sell the house and re-locate immediately. This place brings me peace.

7.  My Senator’s 10th Legislative Session came and went which is probably why I am ready to re-locate to my happy place.  See # 6.

8.  Took the kids to camp.  They love camp and I love it that they love it and that we can provide them with this opportunity!  It goes without saying that the Senator and I enjoy camp too….but not for the same reasons!

9.  Last minute birthday trip to Canada with my Senator, our good friends and some new friends. I feel so fortunate to have some wonderful friends.  One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Maya Angelou, where she says something like ‘people won’t remember what you wore or what you said, but they will remember how they felt when they were with you.’   I LOVE being around these people for that very reason.

10.  Speaking of special people….we spent some fun time with dear family friends over spring break.  These little adventures have pretty much become a tradition of ours and once again, I feel so fortunate.

I found a bucket list the other day that my son had written up for a leadership class this past year.  I have never written up a “bucket list” before, but reading his inspired me to do the same.  We posted them up on our back door recently and they seem to remind us daily of what is important in life.  Keeping up a blog did not make my top ten…..but living in the moment did.  Maybe the two are related….or, maybe not.

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