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Libraries & Magnolias

This week, the Senator and I did a really fun thing.  We got together with my parents and hosted a little get together for a dear friend of ours, Sean Burrage, who is the President of a University in the Southeastern part of our… Continue Reading “Libraries & Magnolias”

Bringing it up to speed

Can’t believe it’s been almost six months to the day since I have posted here but it certainly wasn’t for lack of something to say.  Quite the opposite actually.  So much has happened since March that I thought I would do a brief re-cap… Continue Reading “Bringing it up to speed”


This summer has flown by much to quickly.  When the roofers showed up at dawn this morning (because our poor roof has been pummeled repeatedly by recent hail storms), it reminded me of just how early my day begins when the school bell rings.… Continue Reading “Summer.”

Here’s to the Men!

Thankful today for the incredible men in my life! I thought about writing a little bit about each one, but really was at a loss for just how awesome these guys are and how much they mean to me.  SO, I decided to jot… Continue Reading “Here’s to the Men!”

Bringing It Up To Speed

So much has happened since my last post…back in, uh…. February.  Not in any particular order…. 1. There is a new driver in our family. I can not describe the plethora of emotions I am feeling right now. I would love to hear the… Continue Reading “Bringing It Up To Speed”