My Day at the Capitol

The ceremony honoring the Oklahoma Mother of the Year and Young Mother was held yesterday at the Marble Palace….and, it was such a nice day.  Truly, these women are amazing and were recognized as such on the floor of the House of Representatives and up in the Senate Gallery.  My job was to help move them from room to room as our Capitol building can be a little overwhelming if you aren’t terribly familiar with the beaten path of the place.

This is our 2010 Mother of the Year with her State Senator (right).

And, our Young Mother with her State Representative.

Pictured here are past Oklahoma Mothers of the Year who were there for moral support.

This next one was taken before they were recognized on the House Floor with the winner of the Oklahoma 5th Grade Essay Contest –  a national contest, sponsored by American Mothers, Inc. ®  She wrote an essay titled, ‘What My Mother Means to Me,’ and read it to the crowd during the ceremony.  Not sure there was a dry eye in the room, especially her mothers….could not have been more precious!

She also had her picture taken with her representative…which I think is way cool.

After the official festivities, there was a lovely reception in the rotunda.  My Oklahoma mother-friends snatched a camera and took a pic of me with my Senator.  I think he’s pretty cute!


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  1. Rae

    Dear SW,
    Good for you! We need people to point us in the right direction. That’s truly a mom job.
    Leading My Babies In NE

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