Goal Setting

Last week in Florida, the girls decided to take a little roadie to the mall to shop.  On Black Friday.  Yes. we were absolutely certifiable, however this outdoor mall with very nice shops was only moderately crammed with people.  I mean, there wasn’t a stampede taking place or anything but the parking garage and dressing rooms were crowded.  That kind of full.

Anyway, while we were shopping around we stumbled upon a store that sells workout gear, yoga pants, warm ups etc. And,  I’m thinking this is just what the doctor ordered after Thanksgiving, right?  My mom knew this brand, Lululemon, and actually had some of it.  Shocker!  And, she swears by it.  Says it is the best thing you will ever put on to workout in.  Seriously, mom?  How does my mom know about this and I don’t is what I was really thinking, but I have to admit I could not wait to try on those fabulous looking yoga pants and darling jacket.  And, once I did, I will never go back.  I do not look good in yoga pants, but I think I do in these, my new Lululemons. And, even if I didn’t it wouldn’t matter because I would wear them anyway!  And, I have worn them every day since we got home.  I am planning to go for a world’s record in Yoga pant wear.  I even suggested the Senator buy me some in different colors if he is looking for a little variety around here!  Not kidding, they are SO comfortable, and flattering to boot! The best.

But, the real reason I am telling you about the best kept secret in yoga pants is not so all of my friends will now be wearing them, or I will be motivated to work out more often, but to describe what happened during the check out process in their store.  Aside from the fact their air conditioning had gone out and it was fiery hot in there, it was also their goal setting day.

Ah, goal setting day.  I suppose that makes sense right after everyone had consumed enormous amounts of Turkey the day before, get them to sign up for a 5k run, right?  Not even.  These darling girls were passing out cards with tips for setting goals and motivational phrases to help you reach them.

For example,  my friends at Lululemon suggest you:

Define Your Values:  Powerful goals are built upon your core values.  What is important to you in the following areas?  Career, Health, Personal

Say Hello to Your Future Self:  Create who you are going to be.  Ask yourself the following questions:  What does my ideal life look like? What is the quality of my relationships? What am I doing to challenge myself athletically and mentally?

This was just the beginning and it’s a good thing I didn’t have time to read all of it in the store or I would never have left.  However, I kept the legal sized sheet they gave me and read it when we got home.  You can hit their web site and read the entire goal setting sheet too @  www.lululemon.com I know one of the motivational phrases on the back was written just for me.  OK, maybe most all of them.  Thanks mom, for introducing me to Lululemon.  I’m hooked. In more ways than one!


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