Sheer Beauty

We went out of town this year for Thanksgiving.  To the beach.  In Florida.

I can’t imagine, really spending Thanksgiving in a hotel with family, but we did.  And, evidently a lot of other people do to….spend Thanksgiving in a hotel.  We met up with my brother and his wife to celebrate my dad’s birthday because it might have been a numerically significant birthday and he wanted to be away with his family.  I get that.

Anyway, this particular resort was full of snow birds from the northeastern seaboard. Apparently many of them make a habit of this annual trek out of town for various reasons.  Some came down to see Grandma, others were celebrating big birthdays, and for many this was their annual Thanksgiving tradition.  I think the housewives of the northeastern seaboard have this deal figured out.  No cooking, no cleaning, bed made every day, beautiful weather…certainly worked for me!

The guests at this hotel also provided me with some great people watching opportunities and forced me to realize that I seriously missed my calling in life.  I should have been a sociologist.

You heard it here first.

I became absolutely fascinated with the stark differences in culture and continually found myself studying and comparing those of us from the south to our neighbors from the northeast and so on…..Quite interesting and so fodder for another post!

Anyway,  I am really up posting the photos my children took of their time on the beach.  They both seemed to enjoy grabbing my camera and capturing the sheer beauty of where we were and what they saw.

I must admit…it was absolutely gorgeous.  Breathtaking in a way.

The Senator’s daughter captured this series and I love it that there is always a bird in the background.


While the Senator’s son took off for lengthy periods of time…exploring….







Actually, we all decided he has a gift like his photographer Godmother.  He sees things through a different lens and truly captured the sheer beauty of the place.


And, I loved capturing the sheer beauty of them.




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