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A Recap

Hilarious. Fun. Bipartisan. Successful. The Senator’s dinner last night at our house was certainly all of those but man can those guys throw back some food! They also know how to have fun off the Senate floor which is a good thing, considering this… Continue Reading “A Recap”

Guess Whose Coming to Dinner?

The Senator invited some of his colleagues over for dinner tonight.  No, it is nothing like the Katherine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy movie.  No scandals, no controversy.. I mean, it is a bipartisan dinner but everyone gets along….I think? Anyway, the Senator has entertained his fellow Senators… Continue Reading “Guess Whose Coming to Dinner?”

Inauguration Day, Part II

The show must go on, and it did yesterday as my great state celebrated the historic swearing-in of Oklahoma’s 27th Governor. It was snowing and cold but those in charge of the festivities at the capitol did a marvelous job of moving the event… Continue Reading “Inauguration Day, Part II”

Moving Day

The Senator is re-locating his business office today.  He thinks it will take an hour.  I am guessing a few…even though he is only moving a mile down the road.  Like I have said before, the man has a lot of stuff. This photo… Continue Reading “Moving Day”

Mr. Chairman

Breaking News:  My Senator has been named the next Energy Chairman for the Oklahoma State Senate…a fairly big deal considering we live in Oklahoma and energy is a huge part of our economic engine. Honestly, I think the Senator had wanted to serve in… Continue Reading “Mr. Chairman”