Just Because

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with anything, really, I just like looking at the Senator behind that desk.  It looks so official. Except for that smirk on his face which indicates he is about to say something mischievous. And if he isn’t going to say it out loud, then he was just thinking it…keeping those thoughts to himself.  Smart…VERY smart.

So, recently the Senator and I were at a lovely dinner hosted in a beautiful home of one of my favorite lobbyists down at the marble palace. I am really picky these days about what I attend, in terms of political functions.  I just am.  When the Senator was first elected I think I went to everything.  It was all so new and interesting and there were lots of people to meet.  And, now I don’t….go to everything.  I just pick and choose, probably because I don’t have a lot of free time, the kids have a lot of activities and I have sort of been there and done that?  Or, maybe I am just in denial.

Anyway, during the course of conversation that night, our lovely hostess asked what it was really like being married to a Senator…. 
Do I have to answer that?  I am sure there is a politically correct response to that question, but I didn’t feel like making something up.  Am I a bad person?  Really, honesty is the best policy, but I wasn’t going to go there either so I kept my thoughts to myself.  Which, in this case was a VERY smart thing to do.  
Can you tell there are only five days left in the Legislative session?  Well, assuming their budget agreement holds….