Proud to be an American…

Not only do I LOVE that song by Lee Greenwood that will be played over and over again this weekend, but I adore our country’s history. I am an American history junkie, plain and simple. Can’t read enough about it, feel lucky that I was born here, tear up whenever I hear the Declaration of Independence being read, well, you get the picture.  

American history is full of vibrant stories and colorful characters who had big dreams and a crop full of courage.  Our Founders were fearless really, and justly earned the right to call our country the land of the free and home of the brave.  I’m not sure what they would think about the fruits of their labor now…but, then that is a completely different discussion, isn’t it?

Anyway, the other day I was reading a magazine and took the American Citizenship Test?  Have you ever done that…taken the test that immigrants must take before they can become a citizen of the United States?   
Go ahead, take stab at it, just for fun. Then come back here and tell me how well you fared? There are many sites that provide this but I like the one over at the History Channel.  It has cool features and keeps track of your score as you go along.
Go for it and good luck!

2 thoughts on “Proud to be an American…

  1. Jenny

    Not sure how I got here from PW but this post caught my eye. Our three year old Grandaughter belts this song out every single chance she gets. Sitting in the doctors office – hey, time to sing Proud to be an American. Getting ready for a nap – just time enough to belt out a few rounds … In fact this afternoon I had taken her and her two sisters to gymnastics and she stopped in the middle of her little toddler class….put her hands on her hips and started singing it. OK, must be time to go to bed, babbling to strangers blogs … Sounds like you had a great fourth and it must be time to make that cream cake she posted about.

  2. The Senator's Wife

    I can not tell you just how good that cream cake was…along with the chocolate cup cakes PW made. In fact, we also hid the pan full of cup cake icing in her pantry and proceeded to lick those spoons after everybody had gone home.

    As for your precious daughter, she has great taste in music. Be glad she has chosen that song as opposed to…well, you know what I mean!

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