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That’s my man!

The Senator got to visit the Keystone Pipeline the other day….How cool is that?!  

Prayer Day

While I was down at the Capitol on Monday, I happened to catch up with my Senator for a few moments as he was taking photographs with some students participating in the Legislative Page program. He was giving them a brief history of the… Continue Reading “Prayer Day”

Speaker’s Ball

I promised you a post about the Speaker’s Ball a few weeks back. Total fail. Both me and the actual event. What a weird experience. My, oh my goodness. Let me back up a bit. Ten years ago when the Senator and I attended… Continue Reading “Speaker’s Ball”


I really think there is truth to the saying ‘when it rains it pours,’ and this week has been no exception! Everyone in our household has had stuff going on and mostly at the same time.  Even the house looked like it had been… Continue Reading “Frenzied”

An Advocate for Children

Yesterday was a rough day at the Capitol for my Senator.   He has a strong and consistent track record when it comes to protecting children.  He has championed legislation that protects them from those who wish to do them harm.  And, I’m talking… Continue Reading “An Advocate for Children”