Guess Whose Coming to Dinner?

The Senator invited some of his colleagues over for dinner tonight.  No, it is nothing like the Katherine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy movie.  No scandals, no controversy.. I mean, it is a bipartisan dinner but everyone gets along….I think?

Anyway, the Senator has entertained his fellow Senators several times before at our house, and I have to admit it has proved to be a really nice evening. You see, many of his fellow legislators live too far from the Capitol to drive home every night, so being able to enjoy a home cooked meal has its advantages.  Plus, there are no lobbyists on the guest list or any politicking on the agenda…just good food and fellowship and they all seem to have a lot of fun.

This year I had hoped to cook up something a little different just to keep it interesting.  In the past I have always made my Senator’s favorite, King’s Ranch Casserole….because it is his favorite meal and pretty much fool-proof.  I mean, if you can read you can certainly make this casserole and it always tastes better the second time around….I will be eternally grateful for that!  In fact, the first year we did this, the members were having so much fun they didn’t eat until way past 8:00 p.m. and the casserole was still edible! So it made sense to stick with what works.

Now, the King’s Ranch is cooked upon request. And, just like clockwork….no sooner had I hoped to change it up a bit this year, did the Senator mention the King’s Ranch Casserole.  Hence, the King’s Ranch is back by popular demand and today will be spent in the kitchen! (And, cramming all the clutter in closets….but, don’t tell anyone I said that!)

Here is a photo of a few from last years crew….

Can’t wait to see who walks in the door tonight…..


5 thoughts on “Guess Whose Coming to Dinner?

  1. Julie

    Oh what fun! This is probably the only time they all get the delicious King Ranch Casserole. I might just have to make that in the near future. It’s been a while.

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