state-flag-oklahomaI am cooking for the Senator and his friends tomorrow night which means that I am cooking and cleaning for the Senator and his friends today.

This is really one of my favorite things that the Senator has done throughout his tenure and I have written about it before HERE.  Always a different group and bipartisan of course, so naturally they are always messing with each other and goofing around.  Sometimes they play a game or two of pool, other times they watch a basketball game.  Tomorrow night will be full of entertainment options as there is a Thunder game and the State of the Union address and a weather report forecasting snow.  Couldn’t have planned it any better myself!

The menu, back by popular demand, remains the same as the year before and the year before.  Although, Shhhh!  I have switched up the dessert just a little bit so don’t tell. These are really, really, really good and easy to make which is key when cooking for a hungry crowd!

Can’t wait to be a fly on their wall for a brief moment in time.  But, above all else, I think this provides a great opportunity for members to get to know one another in a very casual and hospitable setting, especially for those who don’t get to go home during the week.  Something those politicians in Washington DC should take note of and replicate often! It couldn’t hurt.