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Cookies and Chaos!

Sooooo…  I had big plans to tackle Christmas this weekend and I did absolutely nothing of the sort.  It all started last week when my BFF, Pioneer Woman ( I call her Shama) and I were trading texts back and forth, back and forth… Continue Reading “Cookies and Chaos!”


My friend Ree of Pioneer Woman fame dropped her girls off for a visit last weekend.  When I say dropped off, it was more like an actual exchange in the Love’s Travel Stop parking lot on I-35.  Location was of no importance, only that… Continue Reading “Predestined”

Political Photographs

We had a serious dilemma around our house recently. No, there was not a leak in our roof, the dog was alive and well (the last time I checked) and the dish washer was in full working order…maybe. No, it was much, much more… Continue Reading “Political Photographs”


Seven years ago today the Senator won his party’s nomination for state Senate coming out of a heated six way primary and spirited run-off election.  I really only remember this exact date because we worked like dogs to get him across that finish line,… Continue Reading “Reminiscing…”

Home on the Range….

Last weekend we went to the “Range Round-Up” to see my dear friend, Pioneer Woman.  This has become an annual tradition for our two families as we don’t get to visit each other all that often…seeing that they live far, far away on a… Continue Reading “Home on the Range….”