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Dear Ree,

How is it that my life long BFF has a cooking show and all I can think of is how we used to starve ourselves growing up because you were a ballerina and I just wanted to be one.  Food was not high on our list of priorities and now you own it! In fact, I have gained 5 lbs cooking your delicious food and loved every minute of it. Now, that is just plain sad.

My heart warms and my smile is wide just thinking about the magnitude of this for you, my friend till the end, from womb to tomb. It seems like only yesterday we were watching Animal House, and playing pranks on our brothers. And, now…now, you are a rock star and I am so proud of all you have done living out in the middle of nowhere!  I hope you can take a moment to look at all the wonderful you have created and the many lives you have touched just by being willing to share your talented, clever, creative and hilarious self!

I am so very proud of you and would be remiss if I did not mention that I love, love, LOVE it that your t.v. show is airing on your adopted god-daughter’s birthday.  That would only be fitting of our friendship.  I can’t imagine such a special event any other way because our lives have always been in sync like that. Birnkrant 608 baby!

I’ll be tuning in with tears of joy and a heart full of happiness for you, my forever friend!  So very proud.



I have been preoccupied lately and blogging has not made the top five list of things I feel I need to be doing. And, I’m not going to feel guilty about that……or, that is what I am telling myself anyway.

But, I did have lunch with my fun friend, Ree the other day.  Actually, I introduced her at an event which was not an easy thing to do….she is complex and I have known her all of my life…and I had stories.  Lots of stories.  So, condensing all of that into a short little intro took some time. Of course, it had to be absolutely perfect!

I invited her home town BFF, Becky to come to the lunch which made this a mini-BFF reunion.  And I also included some other friends that Ree has met at my house before.

Then, I invited some friends who Ree had not met, but I knew she would enjoy.

We also invited her mom, Gee to visit and surprise Ree with her attendance.  This was the really fun part – getting to hear my BFF scream when she saw her mommy.

And all of her mommy’s friends…..

Then,  I ran home…packed up my bags and left town with the Senator for this place…..

I love this town.



I’d like to give a shout out to all the Pioneer Woman fans who stopped by here yesterday.  Yikes, she has a lot of friends, but then I knew that already.

It’s funny that you caught us briefly tweeting about travel.  You see, PW and I have had an aversion to airplanes for quite some time and now we both find ourselves having to fly the friendly skies more often than not….which is truly ironic.  Anyway, yesterday was a travel nightmare for my BFF as she attempted to make it back home amidst the historic blizzard of 2011 and I tweeted our travel prayer over the open airways.  Well, its not really a travel prayer, the prayer always follows our familiar words of wisdom or comfort or consolation. Whatever you want to call them, I tweeted them.  Over the internet highway. And, I tweeted them to my BFF because that is how we communicate sometimes.

I know, we are weird. But, we get each other…from womb to tomb, friends till the end. And, I was just thinking about her yesterday.

Obviously, y’ all were too!  She is one lucky girl to have such good friends!


Keep it up with the travel prayers….she’s still en route!