I have been preoccupied lately and blogging has not made the top five list of things I feel I need to be doing. And, I’m not going to feel guilty about that……or, that is what I am telling myself anyway.

But, I did have lunch with my fun friend, Ree the other day.  Actually, I introduced her at an event which was not an easy thing to do….she is complex and I have known her all of my life…and I had stories.  Lots of stories.  So, condensing all of that into a short little intro took some time. Of course, it had to be absolutely perfect!

I invited her home town BFF, Becky to come to the lunch which made this a mini-BFF reunion.  And I also included some other friends that Ree has met at my house before.

Then, I invited some friends who Ree had not met, but I knew she would enjoy.

We also invited her mom, Gee to visit and surprise Ree with her attendance.  This was the really fun part – getting to hear my BFF scream when she saw her mommy.

And all of her mommy’s friends…..

Then,  I ran home…packed up my bags and left town with the Senator for this place…..

I love this town.