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4th of July

We went and hung out with my good friend, Pioneer Woman over the 4th of July and I’m just speechless. At a total loss for words to describe the beauty, the atmosphere, the food, the friends and…..the fireworks. So, I’m just gonna tell you… Continue Reading “4th of July”

Famous Friends

I don’t know many bloggers, but the ones I do know happen to be, well…uh, famous.  Take for instance, my friend Pioneer Woman – you all know about her.  But, I have another friend who blogs and cooks and lives in Los Angeles.  She… Continue Reading “Famous Friends”

Pioneer Woman and the Senator’s Wife

It came as no surprise that I would run into my good friend, Pioneer Woman while we were in New York. You see, Pioneer Woman and I have known each other since before we were born. Our moms have maintained a life long friendship… Continue Reading “Pioneer Woman and the Senator’s Wife”