I’d like to give a shout out to all the Pioneer Woman fans who stopped by here yesterday.  Yikes, she has a lot of friends, but then I knew that already.

It’s funny that you caught us briefly tweeting about travel.  You see, PW and I have had an aversion to airplanes for quite some time and now we both find ourselves having to fly the friendly skies more often than not….which is truly ironic.  Anyway, yesterday was a travel nightmare for my BFF as she attempted to make it back home amidst the historic blizzard of 2011 and I tweeted our travel prayer over the open airways.  Well, its not really a travel prayer, the prayer always follows our familiar words of wisdom or comfort or consolation. Whatever you want to call them, I tweeted them.  Over the internet highway. And, I tweeted them to my BFF because that is how we communicate sometimes.

I know, we are weird. But, we get each other…from womb to tomb, friends till the end. And, I was just thinking about her yesterday.

Obviously, y’ all were too!  She is one lucky girl to have such good friends!


Keep it up with the travel prayers….she’s still en route!

2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Carol

    I was one that came to your blog…through the PW tweet. I don’t tweet with her, but read her web site every day and her tweets and whatever else she has going on on her site. 🙂 I added your blog to my favorites yesterday and am now a follower of you also. I love the communication between everyone and wish I knew more about it. I’m curious, could you tell that I came to your web site through the PW tweet? Or were you aware of all followers by responses you recieved. Thanks for blogging. I have enjoyed reading your site and will continue to do so. Carol

  2. The Senator's Wife Post author

    Hi Carol, I blog on WordPress and it provides me with some site statistics. The other day, I noticed that twitter was sending a lot of traffic to my blog shortly after Ree and I were publicly tweeting with one another. So, I blamed her! Seriously though, it is a good way to discover many of the great blogs and web sites that are out there!

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