Meet two of our very favorite pastors, Mark and Jennifer Crow.


Yes, the Senator has that deer in the headlights look that our son says he gets when he is really excited to see someone.  And he was…excited to see them.

Roughly seven years ago we stumbled into their church for a Wednesday evening service after a long day on the campaign trail.  Their church is located in the heart of the Senator’s district, and on that particular Wednesday evening the parking lot was full of cars and kids and looked like it would welcome some stragglers.
Our family loves attending services at this church.  The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the message is way beyond good.  In fact, sometimes we have been given so much food for thought that the car ride home is quiet while we each, individually ponder what has been said. But you don’t have to be in the neighborhood to worship there, just go to your computer and click on www.victorychurch.tv
The Senator likes Mark’s style.  He gets it and gives it right back to you- in layman’s terms.  For me personally, I love Jennifer’s singing voice, she has the voice of an angel. Don’t even get me started on the music…awesome.
Several sessions back, Mark was kind enough to come to the Capitol to be the Pastor of the week for my Senator.  He brought another pastor from his church with him and boy am I forever grateful to her. During our last campaign she dropped everything one day to pray with me.  It was an ugly campaign and the leaders at this church lifted us up in prayer.
So you can understand why the Senator was so happy to see them recently at the Capitol.  They are special friends who have touched our lives.
Oh, and they also have five children, one of whom paged for the Senator last year down at the marble palace.  That young man is going to run for Governor one day and win. Yep, you read it here first!
Love, the Senator’s Wife

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