Under Construction

Do you ever watch church t.v.?

I remember my grandmother talking to me about some of her friends who did.  She was not a fan.  Consequently, I remember thinking why in the world would anyone need to watch church on television when you can just go there?

I have grown up a lot since then.  And, so has the evolution of church t.v.

What a production.

Anyway, I referenced this for a story about the Inaugural Ball the Senator and I attended this past week.  You remember me talking about the lengthy line to retrieve ones coat and how the Senator found a friend who was already in the back of the coat room to snag ours.  Yes, he did.  And while we were waiting for our coats, we ran into several other friends including this darling couple who are pastors at a very large church in the Senator’s district.  We knew they were there because he gave the actual invocation at the event, but when there are nearly 2,000 people you really can’t predict who you will actually get to see there.

So, as it happens, the Pastor and his wife were debating and dreading having to fall back into the very, very LONG coat line. Just for good measure, let’s say the line was so long it wrapped around the corner, down a long hallway and back into the Ball…because it did.

That being said, we laughed and talked with them as it was good to catch up and I pressured the Senator to sneak back into the coat room to get their coats.  I mean they are pastors, you’d think he might get a little extra prayer plug in for the good deed, right!?

This couple actually do all sorts of wonderful things for our community.  In fact, their staff and church were a source of great comfort for me during the last campaign.  I wrote about that here.  ( and I’ll link to it if I can ever find it in my archives… promise.) They have also been out to the Capitol to see the Senator.

But, what made me think about church t.v. is because I watched him the other day.  They live stream and because I am so high-tech (loud background laughter) I sat down early in the morning and pulled him up.

It was terrific.  Never mind that I had watched a re-run on actual television only moments earlier!  But, the message is always good.  Real good.  And I took notes.

Here is what I wrote:

People under construction

Nobody’s perfect

Church is a great place to tweak your walk with God – which is a work in progress.

Be aware of people around us – be sensitive to the needs of others.

Sometimes – the bridge is out and it looks impossible to get where you need to go.  The house of God reminds you that not everything is perfect.

Genesis 28

It is more important to unlearn something old than to learn something new.

Every time you serve, worship and give it helps you break the cycle of greed

If you never get around people who are different from you – you will never grow.

Forgive for what it does to you on the inside.

Through faith and not by works….

Construction zone for all people – because we are all under construction

What belief system do you need to change so that God can be everything

When people get mean –

Philippians 1:6

God – keep doing the work in me….

Amen to that!  I am putting on my hard hat and getting to work this week!


P.S.  The Senator did actually sneak back into the coat room to snatch their coats claiming it was better to ask for forgiveness than permission.  I think he was right!