Late last spring and into the summer months I wrote a handful of blog posts that I never published.  I am sure I did this intentionally as we were in campaign mode and I was a little paranoid…or protective…. or tired of being in the fish bowl…. Anyway, none of it matters now that the … More Parades

Adrenaline Rush

I love elections.  And, I love this photo of the Senator that was taken the day his opponent dropped out of the race.  It speaks volumes to me. If the Senator were on the ballot, I would be five pounds thinner, losing hair and extraordinarily sleep deprived.  Adrenaline would be my constant companion.  I miss … More Adrenaline Rush

Making a Difference

I just wanted to share with you what I think is the best campaign ad in support of an outstanding Oklahoma candidate for probably the most important elected position this cycle in Oklahoma: State Superintendent of Public Instruction. I know, I know….I am getting all political.  But, Oklahoma is not known for it’s awesome public … More Making a Difference

Jari or Mary?

Will it be Jari or Mary? If you live in Oklahoma, you know we have a dynamic and historic race for Governor taking place.  The winner will be a woman. The first ever.   We also had a gubernatorial debate last night between the two candidates. I think it is safe to say that Oklahoma … More Jari or Mary?