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Refreshing Difference

Like most Americans, Cliff and I have spent the past 24 hours glued to the t.v. watching the coverage of the tragedy in Nice, the attempted military coup in Turkey and wondering what the heck is happening in our world!  Seriously makes me want… Continue Reading “Refreshing Difference”


Late last spring and into the summer months I wrote a handful of blog posts that I never published.  I am sure I did this intentionally as we were in campaign mode and I was a little paranoid…or protective…. or tired of being in… Continue Reading “Parades”

More Tales from the Trail…

June 5, 2010 The Senator’s fundraiser was fabulously fun. They always are – but that will never change the fact that I am apprehensive each and every time.  I suppose in my eight years of being a Senator’s wife, I have realized that when… Continue Reading “More Tales from the Trail…”

Adrenaline Rush

I love elections.  And, I love this photo of the Senator that was taken the day his opponent dropped out of the race.  It speaks volumes to me. If the Senator were on the ballot, I would be five pounds thinner, losing hair and… Continue Reading “Adrenaline Rush”

Making a Difference

I just wanted to share with you what I think is the best campaign ad in support of an outstanding Oklahoma candidate for probably the most important elected position this cycle in Oklahoma: State Superintendent of Public Instruction. I know, I know….I am getting… Continue Reading “Making a Difference”