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Political Observation

So, the Senator’s son is home sick and watching a re-run of the Gubernatorial debate from last week.  I’m not even going to comment other than the political fever hovering over the house has matriculated.

However,  he just said that he thinks in this particular race, (for Governor in Oklahoma) that it basically boils down to ideas vs. personality….adding that he believes one candidate has the better ideas while the other has a much better personality.

I’ll let you decide………..

Candidate #1

Candidate #2



Jari or Mary?

Will it be Jari or Mary?
If you live in Oklahoma, you know we have a dynamic and historic race for Governor taking place.  The winner will be a woman. The first ever.  
We also had a gubernatorial debate last night between the two candidates.
I think it is safe to say that Oklahoma is now in touch with a softer, more feminine side.
Jari made an emotional plea to the voters, while Mary spoke passionately about the issues. Both candidates were cordial.  They even wore different shades of pink.
I have had the opportunity to get to know Mary and Jari as they have served our state in numerous capacities over the years. And, I like them both… a lot.
While they have different backgrounds, political philosophies and their own distinctive leadership styles, both are more than capable of leading our state down a positive and productive path.
On November 2nd, I think it is safe to say that Oklahoma will be the winner.