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Hi, my name is the Senator’s Wife and I am an adaholic.  Is that even a word? I do have a problem ……. and it involves political advertising.  I’m obsessed with it. And, this is my favorite time of year because every day….all day….everytime… Continue Reading “Obsession”

Sweet 16

The Senator and I are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary today, except we are not really celebrating…..together.  I mean, I happen to be in the Land of Lincoln at a board meeting….and he is not….in the Land of Lincoln.  Although, I am sure he… Continue Reading “Sweet 16”

First Born

My first born started school a few weeks ago. He is a freshman in high school now and tall. VERY tall.  In fact, this photo doesn’t capture the essence of his tallness.  He past the Senator in height a month or so ago.  He… Continue Reading “First Born”

Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend we ventured out to our good friend’s farm. It had been four years since we’d been up there.  None of us could believe it had been that long since our last adventure.  It seems like only yesterday at this farm that the… Continue Reading “Labor Day Weekend”

Election Night Coverage

The Senator and I attended several election night watch parties last week for political candidates whose names were on the ballot this time around.  We would have done this even if the Senator’s opponent had not dropped out that day because the Senator did… Continue Reading “Election Night Coverage”