No, I am not organizing my closets, but rather it is organizational day today at the marble palace for my Senator. I have often wondered why the legislature meets on the first Tuesday in January prior to the beginning of a new legislative session…. so I asked him. My Senator explained to me that they … More Organization


Late last spring and into the summer months I wrote a handful of blog posts that I never published.  I am sure I did this intentionally as we were in campaign mode and I was a little paranoid…or protective…. or tired of being in the fish bowl…. Anyway, none of it matters now that the … More Parades

Before the Shellacking

Is that even a word? Shellacking?  I first heard it used on election night by CNN reporter, John King as he was enthusiastically describing the political tsunami taking place across the country.  It continues to show up in reference to that historic night.  Thanks, Mr. King.  I sat across from you once on a flight from … More Before the Shellacking

Election Day Photos…

I have none.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  Nothing to commemorate the Senator’s re-election to the State Senate.  Heck, I don’t even have a photo of the victory party which most of the state seemed to attend. So, I will leave you with this from our 2002 campaign and call it a day. The words younger and … More Election Day Photos…

Dear John,

I watched your speech with anticipation last night as the Republicans picked up enough seats to claim the majority in the House of Representatives.  You will be their next leader, and I am looking forward to watching you as you set the legislative agenda for our country. Prior to last night, I was unfamiliar with … More Dear John,