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Primary Election Day

It is 5:00 am on the day of the primary election in my great state.  Thank goodness the Senator does not have a primary opponent, for if he did, I would not be in front of the computer.  In fact, if he did, I… Continue Reading “Primary Election Day”


I knew there would be days like this.  Days where there simply are not enough waking hours to complete all the tasks that need to be done.  Today I wrote a 4th of July letter, created a push card, took our son to his… Continue Reading “Whirlwind”


Meet Mike, Pete, Joel, Dan and Dan’s lovely wife ( at least I think that is Dan’s wife).  They are combat veterans who I had the good fortune of meeting up with during a recent trip to Washington D.C. Pete, Joel and Dan are… Continue Reading “Freedom”


It goes without saying that there has been a lot going on around here this election season.  In fact, I have been keeping a daily journal of all things campaign related – and, don’t worry….  I will share my thoughts and experiences with you… Continue Reading “Hectic”

No Rest for the Weary

This is really the first “official” day of summer vacation where the kids are out of school and the Legislature is out of session.  The Senator is off and running, this being an election year and all. Meanwhile,  I am longing for a chair… Continue Reading “No Rest for the Weary”