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Survival Mode

The legislature is gearing up for session and we are officially hunkering down at home! Actually, the kids and I love this time of year. Last night, we had breakfast for dinner. This would not have flown with our Senator. He is a meat… Continue Reading “Survival Mode”


Still can’t quit thinking about that Orange Bowl. My five friends who read this know I could have cared less about the outcome of that game being the ardent USC fan that I am. However, we went to such a fun watch party and… Continue Reading “Ouch!”

The Senator’s Wife

I am a politician’s wife, stay at home mother of two who is constantly flying by the seat of her pants!  I have a passion for motherhood, family, my faith and the United States of America.  Six years ago, my smart and sweet husband… Continue Reading “The Senator’s Wife”

Raising a Generation of Great Americans

I wrote this opinion piece that was recently published in my local newspaper on Mother’s Day. However, it is patriotic in nature and I felt appropriate for my first official trump out into the blogosphere. Welcome to my world! Raising a Generation of Great… Continue Reading “Raising a Generation of Great Americans”