Southern Comfort

We have just returned home from a road trip through the deep South and I must confess, it exceeded all my expectations.

I am not one to like car rides, but to see this lush country-side, their historic points of interest, and major universities combined with some of the most hospitable people you will ever meet – made our journey down south absolutely awesome!

I am still catching up on the laundry and mail and all the things that get neglected when you are gone that long……but I will post a few of my favorite pic’s from a long the way for now.  Enjoy!




And, just across the street from the tornado at the University of Alabama…..

Tennessee for a legislative conference….

And Elvis!

And, Alabama again….but not in that particular order!

Then there was Florida….where I should like to live forever.

But, seeing that I don’t have that option, it was certainly nice to see this common and beautiful sight on the long road home.

More tales from our trail soon……..

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