Big Time in the Big City!

It was a big time in the Big Apple this past week for the Senator.  We just returned from a quick trip to New York City with our daughter and boy did we ever have a great time.  The Senator’s mother came along for the ride too.  The President was also there…and so was Prince Harry.  

The Senator likes to tell people it was our first time to go to New York together.  And he is right about that, even though it was not our first time to ever go to New York.  
However, it was a first for the Senator’s daughter.
I think she had fun.

I tortured them each day with cultural activities.

The Senator tortured me with shopping opportunities.

And fun little rides through Central Park.

And, just so you know, these little bike-carts are the only “Green” way to travel around town. Aside from being “green”, you do meet a rather nice assortment of interesting characters traveling that way!

Love, the Senator’s Wife

Next up, famous people and friends in the Big Apple

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The Senator's Wife

I started this blog on a whim thinking it would be fun to write about politics while my husband served in the OK State Senate. Jury's still out on that...but, having a front row seat on the sideline of Oklahoma politics has been one big adventure.

3 thoughts on “Big Time in the Big City!”

  1. I read The Pioneer Woman’s post yesterday and recognized you guys, well your husband anyway :-).
    Looks like you guys are having a great time! Also, just wanted to say thanks for all your husband is doing to keep Oklahoma such an awesome state and make it even better.
    We as homeschoolers, visited the Capitol this past February (the day the tornado hit Edmond) and the children were so impressed!
    Have a great time in the Big Apple and have a safe journey home,
    Julie in OK

  2. Thanks Julie. We actually talked with Ree about the homeschool movement while we were in New York. Hope you will drop in and see the Senator next time you are at the Capitol!

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