Fifteen Minutes

So, I took a visual tour of my own, dormant blog the other day and loved re-reading some of my older posts.  Not because they were some brilliant masterpiece or anything, but because it was a brief record of the past few years and some events that I had forgotten about.

I have been busy lately.  Really busy.  Last May, I was elected to serve as the board president for this organization. It is a national non-profit that has honored outstanding moms across the country for roughly 77 years.  I have written about it here. This was going to be a huge responsibility and in an effort to budget my free time, I had wiped my plate clean.  Well, rather I had dropped off some non-profit boards that I was currently serving on and had scaled back on some other activities like blogging, exercising, socializing, basically anything that filled in the blanks between mom responsibilities and Senator’s wife responsibilities.   You get the picture.

This blog has been neglected and that made me sad.  Until I read a post from a terrific young mom (pictured center above) that I met last April in Salt Lake City.  She writes a blog and had been named the Arizona Young Mother and subsequently, the 2011 National Young Mother of the Year by none other, than American Mothers.  She is just a fantastic spirit of energy and I was thrilled to be working with her in this organization throughout the next year.  So, I started reading her blog and immediately decided that is one smart momma.

Recently she talked about being so busy and how blogging was consuming more time than she had to give- and so she was going to limit her posts to fifteen minutes.  Basically, allowing herself only fifteen minutes to write them and post. I knew I liked her.

Hence begins my new strategy.  I know I have not suffered from a lack of potential content lately, just a lack of time management skills and the ability to prioritize what is really important to me in the big scheme of things. This seems like a simple solution in my attempt to continue to manage it all!

I’m thinking I should apply that to exercising too.  A forced fifteen minutes a day could go a long way…

But, these fifteen minutes are almost up!