Refreshing Difference

rnc2016Like most Americans, Cliff and I have spent the past 24 hours glued to the t.v. watching the coverage of the tragedy in Nice, the attempted military coup in Turkey and wondering what the heck is happening in our world!  Seriously makes me want to hug my almost grown babies a little tighter and pray for our world.

But, sandwiched in-between the international news coverage was a media narrative that caught my attention, a narrative that belittles and bashes the presumptive Republican nominee for POTUS. Imagine that!   Republican bashing has been a sanctioned sport for members of the media as long as I can remember. However, since we are headed to Cleveland to the big event, I had to watch the talking heads pontificate this morning…so, just shoot me already!

A handful of reporters on a few of the cable networks doubled down on the ‘bungled’ roll out of the Vice Presidential candidate, mocking the new campaign logo, the list of people who aren’t speaking at the convention…you name it, they gave it their best shot to downgrade and denigrate.  Some of the words used were sloppy, strangedisorganized, rocky, to depict a superficial narrative they (the media) are trying to develop. Sure, maybe it was all of those things, but I would suggest a different one.  A narrative that addresses the why and how a political outsider (with a long history in the media and lots of baggage) rose to the top?  What was behind that rise and how does it correlate to the mood of the country? Clearly, there is something brewing and despite all the media bashing, and millions spent in unanswered negative ads by the other side, the race is virtually tied? Like I said – there is a story here.

I happened to catch an interview with Ben Ginsberg, a Republican strategist who has been around as long as I can remember…probably since Reagan….Anyway, he was funneling questions about the convention, Republican “dis-unity” and all the proported fumbles by the nominee on his VP rollout ….Ginsberg just chuckled and said he found (Trump) the nominee’s way of doing things to be ‘refreshingly different.’

Refreshingly different.  Exactly. Trump might not be doing things the way politicians typically do things, but it’s probably why he received more votes in a Republican primary than any other nominee…EVER!   He isn’t running as a politician, but rather as a businessman…someone who can clean up the mess politicians have made. That is the real story here…or, at least something to talk about anyway.