The Senator reads…

It didn’t take long for the Senator to chime in with a list of his favorite magazines and reading material that he receives in the mail.  He gets a lot of mail.  So much mail that I don’t even want to know how he decides what is worth reading… or not.  I just don’t want to go down that road. Have I mentioned I try to avoid political conversations with the Senator?  I do, really I do, even though I am interested in what is going on down at the marble palace and I love, love, love knowing his opinion on things.  

Anyway, his favorite reads came as no surprise to me, in fact, I probably would have picked them myself.  
The Senator said he really enjoys reading Perspective, which is a magazine published monthly by OCPA (Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs).  Their website is
He also mentioned he likes reading information from the SLC (Southern Legislative Conference) and the Heritage Foundation and a publication from the Heartland Institute he looks at from time to time called School Reform News.   Obviously, this one focuses on education reforms, but he claims they send him useful information on other topics as well. Their website is
There are various other publications that the Senator will read, except on vacation when he is obsessed with reading all of the back issues of Vanity Fair.  I know, I know, for those of you who are friends with the Senator, the Vanity Fair thing is hard to imagine.  It could be a lot more interesting, though.  I mean, he could have a subscription to Newsweek!
Happy Monday!
The Senator’s Wife