It’s summer time, the kids are enjoying their favorite activities, the Senator is working his other job and I am trying to impose some sort of structure on our carefree and happy family life.  Thank goodness it is not an election year, I repeat NOT an election year.  If it were, the Senator would be up for re-election and that would certainly change the dynamics around here.

But you would never guess this summer was a freebie based solely on the amount of political mail we have been receiving.  Numerous solicitation letters, phone calls, political newsletters, emails, twitters and political fundraisers. LOTS of political fundraisers I might add.
The Senator tells me that the deluge in mail and the significant increase in political fundraising events is due to a new law the Legislature past last year.  This legislation bans any type of political fundraising by state legislators during the legislative session.
This does explain the dramatic increase in current political activity, but I’m wondering what they were thinking when they passed this law, really?  I mean, it gives a tremendous advantage to those who have the capability to self fund their own race, not to mention those candidates running for other offices because this law only applies to the Legislature.  Hmmmmm.
Just curious about some of the stuff that goes down at the Capitol.  That’s all.
The Senator’s Wife