Famous Friends

I don’t know many bloggers, but the ones I do know happen to be, well…uh, famous.  Take for instance, my friend Pioneer Woman – you all know about her.  But, I have another friend who blogs and cooks and lives in Los Angeles.  She and I were sorority sisters in college, good friends and actually kept in touch after our college careers ended.

My friend, Momma Reiner has a fudge shop.  It is a really yummy fudge shop, or so says Martha Stewart… 

And, Oprah…

…and all the people who live in Pacific Palisades where her shop is located. 

Momma Reiner bakes sweets…and now she wants your recipe! Not only does she want your sweet tooth, but all of the history behind your old family recipe. She means business people.  I love this girl.
I hope to see her shop while we are in Los Angeles too….YUM!
Do I have to walk a few extra miles for that….yeah, probably.
Happy Weekend!
The soon to be full, fat and happy Senator’s Wife