A Typical Evening

The weekends are typically a time of de-briefing for the Senator and I tend to be the recipient of all the political carnage from the legislative week because I am, uh…here… at home.  Unless, of course I find somewhere to hide, send the Senator out on a long walk with the dog, or create a cardboard cutout of myself to place in the kitchen.  At least Thunder (9) and Lightening (12) know when to make themselves scarce!  

Recently, the Senator felt compelled to tell me about all the negative political attacks taking place by outside interest groups.  There are several of these occurring right now against a few Legislators which include targeted direct mail pieces, robo calls, negative radio spots, and television and newspaper ads. Talk about surround sound!  
So I flippantly asked the Senator when politics became all about political parties instead of good public policy.  When did it become acceptable to do what is politically expedient instead of doing what is right?  Did I mention the power of outside interests groups?  The Senator must have realized he got me going and using his calm voice, proceeded to tell me that anytime the status quo is threatened, those affected by change begin to react and attack.  I fired back a few thoughts, unsolicited of course, while the Senator looked through his mail.  How is it that men can move on so quickly?
Our conversation drifted to the Tea Parties that took place on Wednesday and the First Amendment and I remembered why I like to talk to the Senator because his thoughts on this inspire me and renew my hope in America. Until he mentioned the bailouts, the new administration calling our veterans terrorists and the release of CIA memos.   Oh, boy.
Deciding to change the subject, I asked my favorite Senator what pieces of legislation passed this week down at our State Capitol.  I am a glutton for punishment.  The Senator is well aware that I disagree with several Bills being debated at the Capitol and I just couldn’t resist.   I should know better than to engage him in this discussion though because I know I am NOT going to change his mind. I have tried now for 15 years to sway him on several issues and I need to move on.  Really, I do.
And so we did, move on.  We took Thunder and Lightening out to dinner and I had a BIG glass of wine.  The Senator worked the crowd… because he always knows people everywhere and thank goodness for Thunder and Lightening.  They quickly changed the subject to the NFL draft which was a much more enjoyable topic of conversation.  They’re smart like that.
So, there you have it – a few moments from our weekend.  Makes you want to run for public office, doesn’t it?
Love, The Senator’s Wife