Saturday Afternoon Update

The Senator just returned from his State Party Convention and claims that he is totally and mentally drained. Hmmmm.

I extracted the following information from him before he went to “decompress”.  Seriously, how can a state party convention be THAT stressful?  Aren’t those supposed to be fun? OK, maybe ‘fun’ is a stretch… how about ‘interesting’?
I was able to get him to tell me the following tidbits.
1.  Oklahoma will remain a primary state as opposed to changing to a caucus system and thus will allow for greater voter participation.  
2.  Gary Jones was re-elected as state party chairman.
3.  Two people formally announced their intention to run for Governor next year.   State Senator Randy Brogdon and Congresswoman Mary Fallin.  He noted there are several others looking at it…former football player turned Congressman, J.C. Watts and former State Senator and Lt. Governor candidate Scott Pruitt was another name he mentioned.
The Senator also told me they had the largest attendance ever. Even an operative from the other side of the aisle was seen working the crowd and taking photographs.  He said it felt like the people from the Tea Party at the Capitol on Wednesday just came on over and he was inspired by their desire to participate in the process.
Thought you might want the scoop.
The Senator’s Wife