Hello Senator, this is……

At this point in the legislative session, the Senator starts to receive phone messages at home. I know, you probably think he is crazy handing out his home, office and cell phone numbers, but he does. And they call him…often.

Most of these calls are from his constituents.   They use a very friendly and professional voice on the phone…for the most part, and they usually have a question or want a call back.  Even when they are expressing discontent with the Senator’s position on an issue, they are pretty nice about it…MOST of the time.
That is exactly why I really like his constituents. Typically, they are rational, very intelligent people who feel like they can call him at home and give him a piece of their mind. That is a good thing. And he listens to what they have to say. Heck, I even listen to what they have to say. It is a very healthy exchange and the way our system of government should work.
Perfect example. Here are photos of the Senator with two of his constituents. They agree on many things, but you would never know that because on this particular day they were on opposite sides of an issue.

I mean, really, OPPOSITE sides of an issue… and I bet you can’t tell.

Now, there are SOME, and they are usually NOT the Senator’s constituents, who call him at home to express their discontent about a vote or a particular position. More often than not these guys are NOT nice.  For instance, let’s talk about the gentleman who recently lobbed the f-bomb at the Senator.  If he was attempting to persuade the Senator into agreement with that lovely use of the English language, he might want to rethink that….I’m just saying.  
My point is, there are effective ways to contact your legislator and leave a positive impression and there are attempts that will leave them thinking you and your issue are just plain nuts! Next post will be on the most effective way to contact your legislator…believe me, I have seen what works and what doesn’t.  
Love, the Senator’s Wife

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