March Madness

On the eve of the Sweet Sixteen, the Senator wanted his picks for the NCAA tournament to go on record!  He thinks he is going to win the family contest, even though we have not established any sort of official prize for the winner. Of course, the kids are lobbying for cash and candy.  

Just for the record, and because inquiring minds want to know, the Senator has picked Duke, Oklahoma, Louisville and Memphis to meet in the Final Four with Memphis and Oklahoma playing in the Championship Game. AND, just for the record, this Sooner has chosen Memphis to prevail.  (Go Sooners-take him out!)
The Senator’s Wife, who knows absolutely nothing about basketball, picked Louisville, Memphis, Villanova and North Carolina for the Final Four with Louisville losing to North Carolina for the Championship. Probably not gonna happen.
The Senator’s son (a BIG basketball fan) has Louisville, Pittsburgh, Connecticut and UNC in the Final Four with Louisville defeating UNC in the Championship Game.  Now, this scenario would keep things interesting…
On the other hand, the Senator’s daughter selected her teams based on geography.  If the school happened to be located in one of her favorite states, then it made the cut.  She picked Arizona, Memphis, Xavier and Syracuse to meet in the Final Four, with Arizona and Syracuse playing in the Championship Game.  She did not pick a winner in this bracket and I’m really not sure why. Maybe she is waiting to see how things shake out….I would bet she slips OU in at the end and hopes nobody notices.  She’s sneaky like that!
So, Senator, please consider yourself officially on record with your NCAA picks. The winner will have bragging rights for the next year!
Love, your wife

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  1. Robynn's Ravings

    I’m with the Senator’s wife – I know nothing about basketball other than the fact that I’m voting for the team who gets the most orange balls in the net thing. Good luck Mrs. Senator!(Found you while browsing PW’s site tonight waiting for her to answer more questions on live chat.)Blessings to you all!

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