The Senator went missing yesterday.  

At Sam’s.  
I sent him off on a quick errand, really,  a mission for one specific item. Spring break had us feeling awfully productive and we were taking care of some neglected household issues.   This was a trek for one item that needed to be replaced. I figured it should take him an hour at the most, only because he wouldn’t be able to resist combing through the aisles after he grabbed the specific item (which happened to be located by the front door).  
Wishful thinking.
After three hours and numerous attempts to reach him on his cell phone, I realized he had either gotten lost, extremely distracted or was never coming back!
I know the Senator does not enjoy being brought into domestic decisions but not enough to justify being gone for what seemed like an eternity.  Seriously, how is it possible to spend the entire afternoon at Sam’s?  
Upon his return, the Senator graced me with a recap of how he spent his day.  I learned that Sunday afternoon at Sam’s is like swimming in a sea full of his constituents.  And, not just the constituents who wave and say “hi”, “keep up the good fight”, or “how’s it going down there, Senator?” But, the constituents who wanted a Capitol briefing of sorts.  They each had their issue they were following and seized the opportunity to get an update from their Senator.
My Senator has very smart constituents. My Senator also feels compelled to drop everything and answer all of their questions… in depth, and in the moment.  I would be negligent if I didn’t mention that he also enjoys this dialogue wherever it might take place, regardless of their political leanings, particular viewpoint or whether they had his opponents sign in their yard. The Senator sincerely enjoys hearing what they have to say.  What is of interest to them.
I am convinced this is why he is such a different kind of public servant.  It is not all about him. He is not a professional politician striving for a higher office, but simply a businessman trying to make our state a little more user friendly.   He really does enjoy these unforeseeable, random encounters with his constituents…and not just because it gets him a reprieve on his domestic duties.  Trust me on that.
I know, I know, you think I am sounding politically correct. But, if you experienced as many of these Sunday afternoons as I have, you would know that he is for real.
However, the next time he abandons me in the middle of a home improvement project, I think I’ll alert the State Troopers that the Senator is A.W.O.L.   (absent without leave)… again!  
Just for fun.
Love, the Senator’s Wife

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