It goes without saying that there has been a lot going on around here this election season.  In fact, I have been keeping a daily journal of all things campaign related – and, don’t worry….  I will share my thoughts and experiences with you on that right here. And, I have lots of thoughts and experiences when it comes to political campaigns…some good, some bad and some just plain interesting!

I am also re-working this little blog of mine, which for me, is proving to be a much slower process than I’d anticipated. Maybe if I would just admit that I missed the introduction to modern technology class and allow myself some help in mastering this world wide web it might speed up the process?  Yeah….

All that, combined with the many campaign related projects taking place, the end of the school year, the kids being home AND the Legislature being out of session….  Quite frankly, it has been just a l-i-t-t-l-e bit on the hectic side of normal.

That being said, we are off and running for what will be a busy and hot summer!  Talk with ya soon!


No Rest for the Weary

This is really the first “official” day of summer vacation where the kids are out of school and the Legislature is out of session.  The Senator is off and running, this being an election year and all. Meanwhile,  I am longing for a chair on the beach, a fruity drink and not a care in the world.  Unfortunately, I have a heck of a ‘to do’ list most of which involves details pertaining to the Senator’s re-election campaign.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I am tired and hopeful that the Senator’s opponent will just disappear.  not likely.  Did I mention they were polling in our district?  That is always fun.  When you have constituents call to let you know that they were asked if they like their Senator…in the same sentence with ‘Do you like Barack Obama?’  NOT a good thing in Senate District 40. The silver lining is that Barack Obama is NOT up for re-election this year.

That’s all for now.  Just wanted my tired thoughts recorded for the day.

May 16, 2010

While I was hiding in a basement….some brave people in my town filmed the hail storm that passed through here yesterday:

Lots of damage. Praying for many today.

P.S. You really have to watch that video until at least the 2 minute mark to do it justice.

A Treasured Memory

Recently I was asked to write about a favorite Mother’s Day memory for a local newspaper.  This caused me to stop and think for a bit because typically I enjoy honoring others on this special day and have never really spent much time focused on myself.  Don’t get me wrong, there have been many a Mother’s Day where I have taken FULL advantage of it being MY day…no cooking, no cleaning….sleeping in uninterrupted. However, that is not what I described for this local paper.  Instead, I wrote about a special moment, and one I will cherish forever.

I have always enjoyed doing something nice for mothers who have had a positive influence on me, most especially my own wonderful mother.  Several years ago, our daughter, who was six at the time had spent most of Mother’s Day helping me prepare for a Mother’s Day dinner we were hosting at our home for that purpose.  She informed me in her sweet six year old voice, that she would be taking a break from the cooking and cleaning to work on another project for a bit. She returned a little later, and insisted I be blindfolded while she held my hand and led me outside into the back yard.   As she sat me down in the middle of the grass and removed my blindfold, I noticed she had a basket full of various colored flower petals in her hands.  It was a very large basket and it was obvious she had ventured into other yards for this bountiful acquisition.  When I questioned where she had found so many beautiful flowers, she just shot me a quiet smile knowing our neighbors might turn a blind eye at this minor infraction.  Then, she politely silenced me and proceeded to walk around in a circle, showering me with these flower petals and singing from the song, Your Love is Amazing, by Phillips, Craig & Dean.   “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Your Love Makes Me Sing,” she sang over and over again until she ran out of flowers, when at just that moment our son bounded from around the corner with a fresh supply for her basket.  I hugged them both with tears in my eyes, a joyful heart and a treasured Mother’s Day memory.  

Just curious….what is your favorite Mother’s Day memory?

My Day at the Capitol

The ceremony honoring the Oklahoma Mother of the Year and Young Mother was held yesterday at the Marble Palace….and, it was such a nice day.  Truly, these women are amazing and were recognized as such on the floor of the House of Representatives and up in the Senate Gallery.  My job was to help move them from room to room as our Capitol building can be a little overwhelming if you aren’t terribly familiar with the beaten path of the place.

This is our 2010 Mother of the Year with her State Senator (right).

And, our Young Mother with her State Representative.

Pictured here are past Oklahoma Mothers of the Year who were there for moral support.

This next one was taken before they were recognized on the House Floor with the winner of the Oklahoma 5th Grade Essay Contest –  a national contest, sponsored by American Mothers, Inc. ®  She wrote an essay titled, ‘What My Mother Means to Me,’ and read it to the crowd during the ceremony.  Not sure there was a dry eye in the room, especially her mothers….could not have been more precious!

She also had her picture taken with her representative…which I think is way cool.

After the official festivities, there was a lovely reception in the rotunda.  My Oklahoma mother-friends snatched a camera and took a pic of me with my Senator.  I think he’s pretty cute!


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A Couple of Things…

only because I have not blogged since March 12th.  And, today is significant not just because I haven’t blogged in a few weeks, but because it will be the first day that I will actually enter the Capitol building during this legislative session.  That may not sound like a big deal, but considering I enjoy hanging out down there and watching the chaos, makes it a big deal…at least, for me.  I might have even forgotten where the Senator’s office is located?

However, today is different.  Today, the Oklahoma Mothers Association of American Mothers will recognize the 2010 Oklahoma Mother of the Year and Young Mother in the Blue Room of the State Capitol.   I happen to be a member of this group and am involved with the program so I think I will be there with bells on…and it should be a nice occasion.  
Oklahoma has some amazing moms.  Including mine, who is pictured below!

I promise I will take my camera with the best intentions of using it so that I can share some of these awesome Oklahoma moms with you!



There is nothing like a home cooked meal…or, so the Senator says.  Which is why he enjoys having his colleagues over for dinner during the legislative session.  He particularly likes inviting those members over who live a great distance from the Capitol and are unable to go home to their families each night.  
This year the King’s Ranch Casserole was back by popular demand… and my kitchen and I lived to tell about it.  Never mind that it looked like a fraternity house for a while, but what would you expect with eight grown men hanging out?
Once dinner was served I left them to their own devices and discussions. I mean, seriously, someone had to begin the monstrous clean up!  
Meanwhile, these guys played pool, laughed a lot, watched a basketball game and discussed all of the world’s problems.  I’m not sure what they were laughing at, or who won at the pool table, but I don’t think it mattered.  The Senator should do this more often. After all, the world has a lot of problems that need to be solved, right?