It’s no secret I live in a political environment, so naturally I’m engaged will all that’s happening amidst the current election cycle. Lately, I’ve become obsessed with national polls and the various takes on the 2012 election from across the country.  I would love opinions from any of my political friends out there as to which polls they think are reliable- and by that, I … Continue reading Polls

Live Free or Die

So, the Senator and I had a mini-date night last night watching the New Hampshire primary returns and the victory speeches of the Republican Presidential candidates. I know, we are weird like that. Anyway, I quickly snatched the paper napkin out from under his cup and wrote down my thoughts at the time. Here they are:   Ann Romney.  Wow. I like you.  You have … Continue reading Live Free or Die

Hello World

Hi there.  I’d like to reintroduce myself to the blogosphere.  I am a Senator’s Wife.  I have two children and they keep my busy. I volunteer during my free time for this non-profit organization.  I used to enjoy blogging about politics and life and some of what I see being married to a public servant.  But life is hectic and busy and sometimes I just … Continue reading Hello World