A Treasured Memory

Recently I was asked to write about a favorite Mother’s Day memory for a local newspaper.  This caused me to stop and think for a bit because typically I enjoy honoring others on this special day and have never really spent much time focused on myself.  Don’t get me wrong, there have been many a Mother’s Day where I have taken FULL advantage of it being MY day…no cooking, no cleaning….sleeping in uninterrupted. However, that is not what I described for this local paper.  Instead, I wrote about a special moment, and one I will cherish forever.

I have always enjoyed doing something nice for mothers who have had a positive influence on me, most especially my own wonderful mother.  Several years ago, our daughter, who was six at the time had spent most of Mother’s Day helping me prepare for a Mother’s Day dinner we were hosting at our home for that purpose.  She informed me in her sweet six year old voice, that she would be taking a break from the cooking and cleaning to work on another project for a bit. She returned a little later, and insisted I be blindfolded while she held my hand and led me outside into the back yard.   As she sat me down in the middle of the grass and removed my blindfold, I noticed she had a basket full of various colored flower petals in her hands.  It was a very large basket and it was obvious she had ventured into other yards for this bountiful acquisition.  When I questioned where she had found so many beautiful flowers, she just shot me a quiet smile knowing our neighbors might turn a blind eye at this minor infraction.  Then, she politely silenced me and proceeded to walk around in a circle, showering me with these flower petals and singing from the song, Your Love is Amazing, by Phillips, Craig & Dean.   “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Your Love Makes Me Sing,” she sang over and over again until she ran out of flowers, when at just that moment our son bounded from around the corner with a fresh supply for her basket.  I hugged them both with tears in my eyes, a joyful heart and a treasured Mother’s Day memory.  

Just curious….what is your favorite Mother’s Day memory?

4 thoughts on “A Treasured Memory

  1. Megan (Best of Fates)

    That is such a beautiful memory! As I don’t have children, mother’s day to me is all about my own mom, but I’m not sure I have a specific great memory that comes to mind. Clearly, I’m going to have to step it up!

  2. The Senator's Wife

    I doubt it! Share with your mother something she did or said that made a special impact on you along the way. I think it’s the simple things, really, that end up meaning the most!

  3. Land of Blissful Chaos

    I’ve only had 6 Mother’s Days so far, but I have to say that each one has been perfect. I am so thankful for my babies.

    I used to sneak into our neighbors yard and pick their flowers too for Mother’s Day. We lived along Lake Erie, and I justified my stealing because of the fact it was a cottage. The family was never up on Mother’s Day. Really all the flowers were, were a small yard daisy that had pink centers. After I got those, I would pick my mom Lilly of the Valley out of our own yard. Every time I smell Lilly of the Valley, I think of my momma and sunshine.

  4. carmar76

    Aww, that is sucha sweet memory! My favorite Mother’s Day memory is from several years ago, when I was in high school. Our family & my grammy were to meet at a restaurant for lunch. We were running late, Mom was driving, and she ended up bumping into the car in front of us – in the parking lot. Yes, my mom hit a parked car in her hurry to get to her Mother’s Day lunch! Because it was just bumpers & there was no damage, it became an amusing story to look back on during future years.

    And she still has a problem knowing just how close her front end is to other cars, or kerbs! : )

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